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We consider environment as a key stakeholder and are proactive in developing the stock of Natural Capital. The focus lies in prudent utilisation of resources and replenishment, whereby concerted efforts have been made to monitor the footprint. We invest in state-of-the-art operations, backed by robust R&D to ensure net positive impact on the Environment.

The work in Environment management is governed by the Corporate Environment Policy and steered by the cross functional Environment Working Group with representations from various functions.

All the plants are certified to environment management system as per the international standard of ISO 14001. The priority areas of the work in Environment management encompasses resource conservation, pollution control and circular economy.

The Company has achieved B and B Minus CDP score on Climate Change and Water Security respectively in the FY23.  

The Company is working concertedly  on 3 key focus area under Environment with an objective to lower carbon emission, practice sustainable consumption, ensure resource conservation - 

A) Energy and Emissions, B) Water Use Efficiency, C) Waste Management and Circularity  

Energy and Emissions 

We are working towards energy conservation through process redesign, conversion and retrofitting of equipments, and use of energy efficient appliances in our operations and manufacturing which is directly related to efforts in emissions reduction. 

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Water Use Efficiency

We are deeply aware of the scarcity of water availability as a natural resource and lay utmost importance to prudent use of water. We have taken several steps to ensure our reuse and recycling within the operations. We monitor the specific water withdrawn per tonne of product and have a roadmap to reduce it over a period. Our water footprint is independently verified by a 3rd party and is a part of the annual Sustainability disclosures. In line with its mandate, we also works extensively within communities to build common water assets and raise awareness on water conservation.

We have a target to improve our water withdrawal intensity by 25% in FY26 compared to FY19 baseline.

Waste Management and Circularity 

We strive towards improving our environmental performance by reducing pollution including waste management, usage /disposal of toxic and hazardous chemicals and other identifiable forms of pollution. Our manufacturing operations use state-of- the-art technology to ensure cleaner operations. Waste generated from the operations included hazardous and non-hazardous types in solid and liquid forms. In terms of circularity, we follow environmental safe industry practices of reuse and recycle. As process all the waste generated at sites are supplied to authorised recyclers for safe disposal in accordance with the State Pollution Control Board guidelines.