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Community Development - CSR



Apollo Tyres is committed  to  the sustainable development of its communities.  As thought leaders with a commitment to a better world, Apollo’s CSR initiatives are seamlessly aligned with national goals and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for wider reach and deeper impact.

Inclusive. Balanced. Responsible.

Taking responsibilty is core value at Apollo Tyres and the belief system behind all our sustainability endeavours. The CSR initiatives have a clear roadmap that follows the overall vision of the function. All the CSR initiatives of the company are implemented through Apollo Tyres Foundation, registered in 2008.

The company emphasises on linking the initiatives with SDG 17: Partnership for Goals. Our focus is on collaborating with like-minded organisations for project implementation and a wider outreach. The CSR strategy at Apollo dovetails with the organisation’s vision of creating a future where economic growth, social development, environmental conservation, and national interest go the distance together.

The company has the vision to reach out to over 15 million beneficiaries by 2026. 

The Initiatives

The CSR initiatives are categorised under 4 major themes:

  1. Healthcare for Trucking Community
  2. Solid Waste Management and Sanitation (SPARSH)
  3. Livelihood for Underprivileged Rural Women (Navya)
  4. Biodiversity Conservation

Apart from these core initiatives, Apollo Tyres also undertakes local initiatives spanning across a 35-45 km radius of its manufacturing locations. Additionally, the company implements various philanthropic activities through Taru Foundation.


Over 10 million CSR beneficiaries outreached since the inception of CSR programmes

Over 8.3 million beneficiaries outreached through Healthcare services

11,176 MT waste collected under Solid Waste Management initiative

Over 3,50,000 trees at Tamil Nadu and 10,000 trees at Gujarat regions were planted under Afforestation project

15 ponds restored under Water Conservation project, covering area of 3.5 lakh square feet

Restoration of 10.5 acres of land through Mangrove Conservation  under Biodiversity Conservation initiative 

Over 17,000 marginalised women trained in Income Generation activities