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Sustainable Procurement

As a forward-thinking company, Apollo Tyres continues to focus on the ESG challenges from multiple dimensions. An important element of our sustainability endeavours centres around sustainable procurement. We are committed to procure our raw material using environmentally, economically and socially responsible methods to ensure that we have minimal impact on the planet.

It is our belief that sustainable procurement should not only ensure that we get our raw materials in a sustainable manner but also to cascade to our own raw material partners who starts ensuring that their own value chain from procurement of raw materials to creation of finished goods is equally sustainable. Further we expect our raw partners to cascade sustainability to their respective partners… creating a virtuous cycle of sustainable procurement.

In this regard, we ensure the Partners’ participation in promoting sustainable practices in the Raw Material supply chain. We have in place a strong sustainability governance framework that provides the foundation for identification of material issues, risks and opportunities arising in the raw material supply chain and strategies to address them.

Our Sustainable Procurement journey has elements drawn from our customer requirements, guidelines laid down in Social Responsibility Standard ISO 26000 and the Sustainable Procurement Standard ISO 20400

Sustainable Procurement Journey
Sustainable Procurement Journey