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Aligned to SDG Goals

No.6: Clean Water and Sanitation, No.11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, No.12: Responsible Consumption & Production

At Apollo Tyres, ecological balance and economic progress are not mutually exclusive. True to our vision, they walk hand-in-hand towards a greener future for our communities, country and the planet as a whole. The company’s environmental capital initiatives are aligned to this thought and thus, are a combination of internal and external management and conservation practices.

Apollo Tyres aims to systematically embed good environmental practices across its production processes and also across stakeholder communities to embark on a path of collaborative conservation.


Envisioning a Cleaner Future

SPARSH, Apollo Tyres’ very own cleanliness programme, was launched in 2013 to address the critical issue of Solid Waste Management and support the ‘Clean India’ campaign. Conceived to create awareness on the 3 R’s of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, this extensive project facilitates effective on-ground initiatives to tackle waste generation. 

SPARSH stands for S – Segregate Waste; P – Practise Composting; A – Awareness Generation; R – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle; S – Safe Sanitation; – Hygiene for All.

Key Initiatives


1. Clean My Transport Nagar (CMTN)

Devised to cater to the stakeholders in transhipment hubs, the CMTN programme is aimed at improving waste management and cleanliness in these areas. Basic services like door-to-door waste collection, cleaning of roads/lanes, segregation of waste, composting from wet waste and awareness generation are provided to the community under this initiative.

2.Clean my Village (CMV)

Clean my Village is a similar initiative to CMTN, designed to benefit communities around our manufacturing locations. Waste management best practices are introduced and ingrained into everyday lives through a systematised programme of education and hands-on training. As a result, there has been visible enhancement, both in the environment and the health of individuals. 

3.Sanitation Management 

Apollo Tyres believes that hygiene and sanitation is the basic right of every individual and imperative to a healthy environment too. To meet this cause, the company has undertaken several sanitation management projects in line with the Clean India campaign. The project has greatly helped communities, especially around our manufacturing locations. The company has constructed toilet with bathing spaces for underprivileged communities around its manufacturing locations and community toilets in transhipment hubs at Delhi and Agra locations.

4.End of Life Tyres Playground (ELT)

At Apollo Tyres, we constantly look for methods and processes that help in greening the product life cycle. Recycling-used tyres is a critical part of this strategy. The End of Life Tyres Playgrounds (ELT) is one such application where the company converts waste tyres into exciting play structures. This initiative has helped introduce kids to the concept of recycling.


Over 6.97 lakh beneficiaries were outreached under waste management initiative

Over 1300 households across 10 villages benefitted from toilet cum bathing space

Total 7 village Panchayats declared as ODF (open defecation free) with more than 95% of households using toilet cum bathing space facility

Total 1,6121 waste tyres were recycled to construct 11 ELT playgrounds benefitting around 2,000 children till date