Disaster Relief

True to the value of One Family, Apollo Tyres is committed towards providing relief support to communities during the crisis. The relief activities range from providing medical facilities, to ration distribution to undertaking cleanliness drives etc. 

Flood Relief Support

The Company provided relief support during Kerala floods. Flood relief support was provided in three areas: conducting health camps, organising cleaning drives, distribution of food and first Aid kits in Chalakudy, Aluva, Kodakara, Kalamassery and Airapuram, Kerala.

Around 750 families received home cleaning and First Aid kits, 1250 families received food kits. Total 16 free health camps were conducted and around 1,233 people were benefited. Through waste collection and cleaning drive around 200 families were supported and 200 metric tons (MT) of waste was collected.

COVID 19- Response

The world is going through unprecedented challenging times with nations across the globe being affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Apollo Tyres continued supporting its stakeholders.  

Some of the initiatives undertaken across various states in India including Haryana, Delhi, Kerala, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are stated below:  

1. Awareness raising

Awareness raising remain the cornerstone in such situation. Apollo Tyres Foundation (ATF) started creating awareness through various ways including hoardings and pamphlets in multiple languages. These included Do’s and Dont’s which were shared with stakeholders from the beginning of March. ‘Train the trainer’ model was adopted, whereby a few beneficiaries from our women empowerment programme were selected, trained to further cascade the training in their own villages. Over 1 million people were outreached. 

2. Feeding the hungry

During the lockdown, cooked food was provided for families around Gurgaon slums, and for trucking community in the Transport Nagar as that was an imminent need. Further, our beneficiaries, from ongoing programmes, were also extremely supportive to rollout the donation drive in their own areas. This helped the ATF to reach out till the last mile. 

ATF also provided 15-days ration support of essential supplies which included dry ration and hygiene kits to communities. This was mainly for daily wage earners who have the provision to cook at home. Essential support was provided to over 15,000 families.

During second wave, the company provided food kits to Kalamassery Municipality, Kerala for the distribution to the COVID affected families. Over 330 families were benefitted. Dry ration support was provided to the trucking community and Peer Educators at the transhipment hubs locations.

3. Ongoing support to our beneficiaries


Our Healthcare teams continued their service by being in regular touch with patients, mainly the ones undergoing treatment for TB. The teams made medicine available to patients with the support of District TB offices, and, at times, also arranged for supply of nutritious food as it is crucial for patients. 

ATF modified its ongoing women empowerment programme to link women beneficiaries in the state of Gujarat, with Government schemes for COVID. Further, to promote livelihood, masks are being sourced from the tailoring units set up as a part of the programme. 

The women beneficiaries have received monetary support upto INR 5 million through Government linkages.




4. Testing support for COVID-19

As testing plays a key role in contact tracing, ATF undertook COVID-19 testing at its Healthcare Centres. Over 11,000 beneficiaries have availed the testing facility since June 2021.


5. Vaccination drive for Trucking Community


Vaccination is the best solution in the fight against COVID-19 and Apollo Tyres in partnership with the government, undertook vaccination drives for the trucking community at 32 healthcare centres. Over 1.41 lakh beneficiaries have been vaccinated so far.

6. PPE support for Employees and other stakeholders

Women from various tailoring units (livelihood programme) across locations stitched over 1 million reusable cloth masks for employees, community, and other stakeholders. Around 100 underprivileged women were involved across locations for stitching the masks and earned over INR 1 million in a month’s time.

To safeguard the health of front-line workers by reducing risk of exposure to a disease-causing agent, full body PPE kits were distributed to the District Collector, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu. These were used by the government front line staff involved in Covid19 control and recovery. The kit consists of gloves, masks and gown.

In Kunhimangalam panchayath, Kerala, 5000 reusable face masks were provided to local Panchayat, and this was further distributed to the community members.

7. Medical Equipment Support to hospitals

During the second wave The Company extended its support to hospitals by providing testing kits, face masks, oximeters, lifesaving medical equipment etc. at Chennai, Perambra and AP locations.

8. Launch of Saarthi COVID Helpline

Saarthi, helpline was launched in 5 languages (Assamese, Tamil, Marathi, Hindi and Telegu) in partnership with Ashok Leyland to provide Covid consultation, vaccination and general treatment support to the trucking community and their family members.