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Sheeja Salam

Sheeja Salam, Kerala

I am Sheeja Salam from Vazhoor in Kerala. I live with my husband and two sons. Having being trained in tailoring, I had an unfilled desire ofstart ing a tailoring unit for long owing to circumstances at home, In 2017, I joined an Income Generation Activity group in our village formed by Apollo Tyres Founda tion. During the course, I had the courage to set up my own unit with the help of ATE. In the initial phase, I took the task of helping to upgrade the skills of other group members. Eventually, I was elected as the Secretary to the unit with 14 other women working with me. 

With ATF support and the profits that were generated, I am able to support my family, ATF gave me the opportunity of giving back to society by engaging in charity programmes and supporting women on personality development training. 

I am Sheeja Salam. It's my identity...#Ek Naam... 

This is my story! 

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