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Sathy Rajan

Sathy Rajan, Kerala 

I am Sathy Rajan from Airapuram Village, Kerala. It was a continuous struggle for me to make ends meet given our complete dependence on agriculture for sustenance. We made a monthly income of Rs.2000 and have a family of 4 to feed. 

A turning point came in Sept 2018 when I joined an aqua cultivation group NATURAL by Apollo TyresFoundation at Mazhuvanoor panchayath which provided me initial training in fish cultivation. From that early start, today, I am a well accomplished business woman and a fish farmer. I get invited to various forums to share my experience in aqua farming. As a consequence, many neighbouring farmers were inspired and approached me for advice. From irregular meagre earnings to being self-reliant, my story motivated women to make a living on their own and support their families.

I am Sathy Rajan. It's my identity...#Ek Naam... 

This is my story! 

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