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Parubai Walke

Parubai Walke , Pune 

I am Parubai Walke from Babhulsar village in Pune. I live with my husband and my 2 sons work in Pune city. We primarily relied on our own half-acre agri cultural land for our living. Our annual net income was about Rs.30.000.

I have been an active member of a self-help group. In 2016, Apollo Tyres Foundation introduced us to the 'Gramsamruddhi' project, to explore livelihood options. With ATF support, I started a backyard poultry farming business and attended the weekly market in nearby to sell the birds. Over time, with the business doing well, my income trebled while also impacting their nutritional value positively. 

I shared my experience with fellow SHG members with the intention of raising their knowledge and supporting them to gain financially. I feel grateful to ATF for helping in elevating the socio-economic status of women.

I am Parubai Walke. It's my identity...#Ek Naam... 

This is my story! 

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