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Meena B Dasgude

Meena Bhausaheb Dasgude, Pune 

I am Meena Bhausaheb Dasgude from Babhulsar village in Pune. My family grappled with finances as my husband was the sole breadwinner. He worked at a small company, which was insufficient to support us. Our financial condition further deteriorated as we had to borrow money to sustain.
I was a member of a self-help group since 2014. The activities of SHG expanded, when ATF along with BAIF Institute helped trained our SHG on entrepre neurship under the 'Gramsamruddhi' project in 2018. Under this project, I was supported to start a flour mill. Later, I opened my own flour mill and tailoring business in the same shop. Soon, there was a surge in my monthly income that enabled us to pay off the loan. 

I feel grateful to ATF for supporting my family and other women towards self-employment and put us on the path to prosperity. 

I am Meena Bhausaheb Dasgude It's my identity...#Ek Naam... 

This is my story!

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