Vredestein introduces 3 tyre types at Agritechnica

Vredestein introduces 3 tyre types at Agritechnica

New tyres for harvesters, telescopic handlers and trailers

October 30, 2015

The Dutch tyre manufacturer Apollo Vredestein will present three new tyre types to the public during the agricultural exhibition Agritechnica in Hanover, which starts on 8 November. The Vredestein Traxion Harvest with CHO technology for harvesters and the Traxion Versa and Endurion for telescopic handlers, backhoe loaders and compact loaders.

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    The Vredestein Traxion Harvest – more traction for harvesting machines

    The continuous evolution in combines, cutters and potato and beet harvesters requires tyres with increased load capacity, superior stability and maximum safety. Vredestein analysed the needs of professionals in the industry and concluded that there is a substantial market for a harvester tyre with the familiar Traxion profile. The company is therefore introducing the Traxion Harvest, a tyre designed entirely for an optimal harvesting performance.

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    Load capacity and durability

    Highly productive harvesters have to work with a wide variety of loads. The strong yet flexible radial carcass of the Vredestein Traxion Harvest can easily deal with these fluctuating conditions. The development of the Traxion Harvest also benefitted from a strong focus on the tread and sidewall being resistant to penetration. Special rubber compounds were designed to prevent damage from sharp stubble and uneven wear. The carcass and tread have been extensively tested for durability in practice, and the Traxion Harvest also guarantees the long lifespan for which Vredestein’s other Traxion tyres are rightly renowned.

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    CHO (Cyclic Harvesting Operation)

    Three of the six existing Traxion Harvest sizes have been designed with CHO technology. This means that they can handle a load that is up to 6% higher and a tyre pressure that is 20% lower than normal when carrying out cyclical work. The lower tyre pressure provides a substantially larger footprint, which reduces soil compaction. This in turn contributes to a higher traction and lower fuel consumption.

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    Stability and handling

    With its unique curved cleat, Vredestein’s Traxion Harvest is a harvester tyre that guarantees stability and comfort. Adverse vibrations are absorbed by the lightly curved tread contour. Longer cleats in the centre of the tread make for smoother rolling and reduced sideways sliding on slopes. The angled cleat ends are set deep into the straight sidewall, enhancing overall stability.

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    Traction and fuel savings

    The Traxion Harvest has a uniform pressure distribution on the ground. The contour of the tread and sidewall ensures a large and flat footprint, leading to superior traction, minimal fuel costs and maximum preservation of the soil – all factors that directly increase machine productivity and farmer income.

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    Vredestein Traxion Versa and Endurion – specialists on soft and hard surfaces

    The Traxion Versa for telescopic handlers, compact wheel loaders and backhoe loaders is an ideal solution for vehicles that run on soft surfaces. The tyre offers good grip on loose soils as well as comfort and wear resistance on hard surfaces. The curved Traxion cleat extends the tread, resulting in a low and evenly distributed surface pressure which minimises wear. The Traxion tread has transverse tread cleats placed across the traction zone at a significant distance from each other. This ensures excellent self-cleaning properties in all types of difficult soil conditions. The relatively high load capacity and high traction also make the Traxion Versa very suitable as a solution for steering axles on combine harvesters.

    The Vredestein Endurion for telescopic handlers, compact wheel loaders and backhoe loaders is designed for hard soil applications. The robust carcass and resistant tread, with a 44% rubber percentage in the tread, ensures maximum radial and lateral stability and optimal comfort. Furthermore, the high tread rubber percentage, in combination with an enhanced rubber compound and cleat height, guarantees an impressive lifespan.

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    Extension of the Flotation Trac range

    The size range of the successful radial Flotation Trac implement tyre will be extended with another four sizes to a range of 22 specifications. The multifunctional profile is applied by many renowned manufacturers of agricultural machinery, as its all-round capabilities make it the perfect tyre for both arable land and grassland, as well as for transport activities. The innovative tread and strong, flexible carcass construction of the Flotation Trac have been designed to deliver a top performance that combines machine capacity with prevention of damage to the soil structure and a long tyre life. The new sizes are specially developed for all types of trailers and tankers.

All new tyre models can be seen at the Agritechnica exhibition in Hanover from 8 to 14 November. Visit the Apollo Vredestein stand in Hall 3, stand F17.