Survey: 79% cars in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Survey: 79% cars in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Survey: 79% cars in UAE and Saudi Arabia drive with incorrect inflation pressure

January 30, 2013

Finding part of an initiative in each country to educate motorists on tyre care and maintenance to bring down the prevailing accident rate
Data from the Safe Drive Campaign conducted by Apollo Tyres from January 10 – 12, 2013 in Dubai, UAE and January 23 – 24 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, in partnership with Lulu Hypermarket, revealed that 79% of cars checked had incorrect inflation pressure; 53% of drivers were even unaware of the recommended inflation pressure for their vehicles’ tyres; and, only 20% were aware of the presence of a tread wear indicator on a tyre.

During these Apollo Safe Drive campaigns at Lulu Hypermarket, representatives from Apollo Tyres’ technical team conducted free checks on visitors’ car tyres and informed motorists on how to extend the life of their tyres and avoid accidents through proper tyre care. In this campaign, motorists were also informed about the importance of maintaining correct tyre pressure, use of valve caps, tyre rotation and wheel alignment & balancing.

Apollo Tyres has undertaken this initiative to create awareness for both driver safety and better maintenance. Keeping this in mind, the company plans to conduct Safe Drive campaigns regularly in different parts of the Middle East region, to encourage and ensure healthy driving habits amongst all.

The two biggest hazards and points of tyre care are under-inflation and over-inflation. Under-inflated or deflated tyres have poor vehicle handling and fail to stop quickly while braking, resulting in accidents due to lack of control. Low tyre pressure also consumes more fuel -- a 20% under-inflation results in a 3% higher fuel consumption. Over-inflated tyres tend to burst at high speeds and skid when the brakes are applied. Also over inflated tyres wear out much faster and are prone to failures like cuts and punctures. In brief, given that the tyre is the sole contact with the road, improper tyre maintenance results in higher cost and accidents.

Apollo Tyres’ Safe Drive campaign has been recognised and awarded by the International Institute of Road Traffic Education and is regularly undertaken in India, Middle East, Iran, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.