New Feather in The Cap For Apollo Tyres

New Feather in The Cap For Apollo Tyres

Creates innovative ‘spoiler’ for new Porsche 911 Turbo

January 13, 2014

Continuing with its efforts of innovation for customer satisfaction, Apollo Tyres has added yet another feather in their cap. What makes this effort even more significant is, it is something beyond a tyre. The R&D team at Apollo Tyres, in an exclusive partnership with Porsche, has developed the new, variable front spoiler of the recently introduced Porsche 911 turbo and 911 turbo S. The spoiler, branded as ‘Air Master by Vredestein’, is an integrated part of the Porsche Active Aerodynamics system and protected with a series of patents by both partners.

Recently, Apollo Tyres became the first manufacturer to produce an all season tyre using European natural rubber or Russian Dandelion, as a part of the EU-PEARLS project. This project was undertaken to reduce the dependence of tyre manufacturers on rubber trees, which is mostly grown in Asia.

Commenting on this innovative spoiler, Peter Snel, Chief, R&D (PV), Apollo Tyres Ltd, sai

“I am quite excited with this innovation by the team, especially because the team has gone beyond the usual tyre-related research. This also demonstrates Porsche's confidence on us for developing such an item. The variable front spoiler is made with a specially developed EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber, which combines flexibility, to adapt to the required aerodynamics under all weather conditions and ambient temperatures, with the strength and elasticity to withstand impact damage from road particles.”

At low speeds, the spoiler retracts beneath the bumper to ensure maximum ground clearance, allowing the 911 turbo to pass speed bumps without a hitch. At higher speeds, the spoiler extends on the outside to optimise the airflow around the wheels and reduce fuel consumption. In the performance position, the spoiler is fully extended to create extra downforce on the front wheels which, combined with the fully extracted rear wing, results in exceptional road-holding.

The spoiler is powered pneumatically with several air chambers giving it the required shape. The entire system was developed by a dedicated cross functional team from Apollo Tyres R&D and Apollo Vredestein manufacturing. All production processes were also developed by the team internally, and actual production of these spoilers have been started in a special production cell few months back.