Futuristic Superbus rides

Futuristic Superbus rides

Futuristic Superbus rides on Apollo Vredestein tyres. Superbus prototype being showcased in Dubai

April 11, 2011

Apollo Vredestein BV, an established and recognised specialist in the field of ultra high-performancetyres for premium and luxury vehicles, has yet again proved its ability to come up with tyre solutions thatinspire confidence and ensure safety even at speeds beyond 250 kmph (155 mph) for a new bus systemthat weighs around 9000 kg.

Since existing buses usually do not travel faster than 80 to 100 kmph, a bus tyre suitable for speeds of upto 250 kmph had never been designed before – till Vredestein took up the challenge of making thistechnogically advanced and innovative product!  

Developed by Apollo Vredestein, Ultrac Sessanta Superbus tyre is one of its kind in the world and hasbeen tested extensively not only for speed and load, but also durability and rolling resistance. Themaximum speed achieved to date during tests is 340 kmph, more than enough for Superbus.  

The Giugiaro-designed, Ultrac Sessanta Superbus tyre has the dimensions and load carrying capabilitiesof a truck tyre, but with the aesthetics and speed requirements of an enlarged high-performance cartyre. It was developed by Vredestein engineers in the size 315/50 ZR22 XL 124W (the speed code Windicates a maximum approved speed of 270 km/h). The number 124 specifies the load index of the tyre,which means that one Superbus tyre can support a weight of 1,600 kg.  This tyre has a total diameter of875 mm and a width of approximately 328 mm.  

The first Superbus prototype was presented in Dubai, on the opening day of the World Exhibition of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) hosted by Dubai Roads and Transport Authority(RTA), on April 10, 2011. Superbus is a futuristic and greener public transport vehicle system developed by the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. It combines existing aerospace, Formula 1 andlogistical technologies in an attempt to address the growing needs for a flexible, efficient and sustainablemode of commuting in various cities of the world.

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For more information on the Superbus in Dubai:http://www.uitpdubai2011.org/exhibition/welcome/