DKG Product Award for ‘Air Master by Vredestein’

DKG Product Award for ‘Air Master by Vredestein’

Innovative variable front spoiler improves Porsche 911’s aerodynamics

July 1, 2015

Apollo Tyres received an international recognition for its ‘Air Master by Vredestein’. This unique invention by the company received the prestigious DKG Product Award in the category ‘Technical Rubber Products and Tyres’ at the International Rubber Conference, a global forum for tyre and rubber experts. The flexible and variable front spoiler is a highly innovative system made from a special rubber compound, and was developed in an exclusive partnership with the German OEM for its top segment sports cars, and which can be applied on all premium sports cars.

The International Rubber Conference (IRC), which is held once in every three years, is being organised by the Deutsche Kautschukgesellschaft e.V. (DKG) in Nuremberg, Germany from June 29 to July 2, 2015. It is hosting some 150 lectures by leading speakers from around the world, while around 270 exhibitors are showcasing their products, premieres and innovations at a parallel exhibition. The DKG Product Awards were presented to the winners of the various categories at the conference.

The award is a testimony to the strong R&D emphasis at Apollo Tyres. Innovating products such as the Air Master by Vredestein and Vredestein Space Master have reinforced Apollo’s position as a supplier of technologically advanced premium tyres.

Strong and elastic material

The variable front spoiler is made from a specially developed EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber compound. This rubber is very strong and elastic and has superior weather resistance. At low speeds, the spoiler retracts under the bumper to give the car sufficient ground clearance. At higher speeds, it extends on the outside so as to optimise the airflow around the wheels and reduce fuel consumption. In performance mode, the spoiler is fully extended and provides additional downforce on the front wheels, leading to exceptionally good roadholding. The spoiler is powered pneumatically and realises its required shape by means of several air chambers. The entire system was developed by a dedicated team at the Apollo Tyres’ Global R&D Centre in Enschede, The Netherlands.