Health Care Centre inaugurated in Nagpur

Health Care Centre inaugurated in Nagpur

Apollo Tyres’ 25th Health Care Centre inaugurated in Nagpur will target a population of nearly 5000 truckers and the allied community

February 27, 2015

Leading tyre maker, Apollo Tyres Ltd today opened its 25th Health Care Centre, at the Transport Nagar, Chikhli Layout, Kalamna, Nagpur. In India, Apollo Tyres runs these Health Care Centres in prominent transshipment hubs for its largest customer base, the trucking community. The primary aim of these Health Care Centres or Clinics is awareness generation on HIV-AIDS and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STI) among truckers and the local community.

Apollo Tyres opened the Health Care Centre in association with Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), Nagpur. The Clinic will be staffed by a qualified doctor, a counselor and paramedics, apart from outreach workers and a network of peer educators appointed over a period of time. To start with, this team will work towards bringing down the instances of STIs, and thereby reducing the vulnerability of the population of contracting HIV. Going forward, the Clinic will undertake tuberculosis detection and prevention among the community.

The Transport Nagar in Nagpur is halting point for the truckers plying on NH6, NH7 and NH69 -- the highways connecting the cities of Mumbai, Jabalpur, Kolkata and Hyderabad. At any given point of time, nearly 2500 trucks are parked in this transshipment hub which is spread over 4 KM radius. Apollo Tyres’ Health Care Centre here, will service nearly 5000 truckers and the allied community.

In the past fiscal (2013-14), Apollo Tyres’ Health Care Centres treated over 3,826 patients for sexually transmitted infections and over 92,940 patients for general health issues; while over 46,415 people underwent counseling on HIV-AIDS; 23,166 underwent voluntary testing for HIV-AIDS, of which 136 were tested HIV positive. Since launch of the HIV-AIDS awareness and prevention initiative a decade or so back, team Apollo has reached out to 2353013 people under this initiative.