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Apollo Tyres steps up its focus on Nepal

Sets up an office and a team in the country to better service the customers

January 29, 2020


Apollo Tyres, the leading tyre maker with annual revenues of US$ 2.5 billion, announced the setting up of its office in Nepal, which is a first for the company in the SAARC region, outside of India. Rajesh Dahiya, Vice President, Marketing, Sales & Service (India, SAARC & Oceania), Apollo Tyres Ltd inaugurated the company’s office in the Himalayan nation in the presence of company’s Distributors and Dealers.

Since its introduction in the Nepalese market, Apollo’s products have been well accepted across the country, and the company has garnered a sizable market share in the commercial vehicle and passenger vehicle tyre segments. Recently, Apollo Tyres also introduced the Alpha radial range and Acti-series bias range of two-wheeler tyres in Nepal. Considering the country’s growth potential and the progress it is making in terms of infrastructure, Apollo Tyres is now building a complete team of sales and service personnel to service the Nepalese customers.

Speaking on the inauguration of the Nepalese office, Rajesh Dahiya, Vice President, Marketing, Sales & Service (India, SAARC & Oceania), Apollo Tyres Ltd, said “Over the past few years we have been making steady inroads into the Nepalese market. Our product range fits well with the Nepalese consumer requirements and with the support of our key distribution and retail partners here, we have been able to penetrate most of the replacement tyre market segments. Now that we have a foothold in Nepal, we believe it is the perfect time to step up our focus in this market with the establishment of this office in the capital city of Kathmandu."

With the improving road infrastructure, the commercial vehicle segment in Nepal is radialising at a fast pace. Apollo Tyres, with its Endurace range of truck-bus radials, is already a leader here in this segment. Similarly, Apollo’s passenger car tyres’ portfolio is capable of servicing nearly 100% of the Nepalese car tyre market, and again commands a leadership.

Nepal contributes more than 35% of the company’s exports to SAARC countries. The roads and vehicles in Nepal are very similar to that of India, where Apollo Tyres enjoys leadership position in various product categories. Arrow International, Shubha Shree Pvt Ltd and Pallavi Enterprises are the distributors associated with Apollo Tyres in Nepal.