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Apollo Tyres new campaign

with river Ganga, Sachin Tendulkar and A R Rahman

May 20, 2019


Leveraging its association with the sporting legend, Sachin Tendulkar, Apollo Tyres has launched a corporate advertising campaign, Ganga: the River of People, covering television, digital, print and cinema mediums. Legendary Indian Music Director, Composer, Musician and Singer, A R Rahman has specially composed and sung a song for this television commercial (TVC).

Apollo Tyres’ new TVC marries what brand Apollo, Sachin and Ganga symbolise -- the spirit that keeps India on the move towards progress. The track composed by A R Rahman brings alive the spirit beautifully and makes for a memorable piece.

The essence of brand Apollo is the spirit of ‘go the distance’. It motivates people to leave no stone unturned in realising their goals and ambitions, of giving their all to achieve what they have set out to, and keep going. While the company’s tyres become a means of achieving ambitions, progress, and realising dreams for the consumers.

The brand essence resonates with what both Ganga and Sachin stand for. While Ganga is about an eternal journey, flowing from one destination to the next overcoming all obstacles, Sachin too, in his journey has gone from milestone to milestone beating every hurdle, from greatness in cricket to the Bharat Ratna, to love and respect across the globe.

The river Ganga, Sachin and brand Apollo, all play an important role in the lives of every Indian, that of motivating and enabling them in different ways.

River of People (TVC): This is a cinematic journey shot across the country, celebrating India, and its people, who are on the move and go the distance to achieve their dreams. Anchored in heritage and tradition, they embrace modernism and are shaping the country’s future. The momentum of the progress of these people is irrepressible, surging forward with power, like the river Ganga. The film showcases Apollo Tyres driving India and its people from today to tomorrow and beyond, rooted like the Ganga, to the soul of a nation. This awe-inspiring celebration of India’s progress in motion, with intensely evocative imagery, is brought to life by A R Rahman’s irresistible Ganga song. The song, its lyrics and musical beauty, is what underpins everything.



Song Composer & Producer: A R Rahman

Vocalists: A R Rahman, Jonita Gandhi, Antara Nandy

Creative Agency: J Walter Thompson

Production House: Gravity Entertainment

Producer: Suvi Chawla, Anuj Chandwani, Sonali Ghosh

Director: Robert Dani Kaplan

DOP: Matt Shaw

Media Agency: Mindshare