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Within Social category, there is Health theme that has following projects:

1.General Health and HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention Programme

Started in 2001, Apollo has a comprehensive programme on HIV‐AIDS focusing on key stakeholders i.e. employees, customer, supply chain partners and community in India operations. The focus of the programme is on awareness and prevention aspect of the epidemic.

The company has targeted interventions at 26 Health Care Centres in transport hubs focusing on truck drivers, commercial sex workers, and migrant labour in that location. The Centres offer a spectrum of services i.e. Behavior Change Communiation (BCC), Sexually Transmitted Infection Treatment (STI,) Counselling, Peer Education Programme, Condom Promotion,Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre support, Substance abuse Integration .The services also include doctors' consultation at a nominal fee, free medicines and counseling facility.

Employee welfare is the top most priority of the organisation. A comprehensive workplace programme has been chalked out  in partnership with International Labour Organisation (ILO). A group of employees were trained as Master Trainers (MTs) to spread awareness on HIV-AIDS.These trainers  regularly carry out training and awareness sessions for employees at Apollo.


2. Vision Care

Apollo Tyres has recently initiated services for vision care for truck drivers and allied population at transport nagars (hub). This is an outcome of vision being a concern/ problem that contributes to road accidents.

Under this initiative periodic eye check up camps are organised for the truck drivers in transport nagars. Spectacles are distributed at low cost rate to the people identified with refractive error issues. Cataract patients are linked with nearby hospitals for further treatment.


3.Substance abuse awareness programme

Alcohol and tobacco consumption in its various forms was identified as health and business risk. The objective of the programme is to create awareness about the ill effects of substance abuse on health and reduces consumption. The programme is targeted to improve the health status of the employees and customers. The programme offers many services like behaviour change communication, counselling of chronic cases, linkage with de-addiction centres for treatment.


4.Promotion of Health and Sanitation

As per the identified need of the community in Mathur & Oragadam, Vallakotai and Senakuppam Villages of Chennai location, a project on health and sanitation has been undertaken.  The objective of the project is to reduce the habit of open defecation and also increase awareness on personal hygiene. Under this initiative 335 toilets were constructed in partnership with local panchayat and in alignment with national agenda Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.  Awareness session on menstruation and personal hygiene were conducted with adolescent girls more than 500 girls were outreached.

A real life story of one of our beneficiaries can be viewed. Link: