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Community Development

We at Apollo strive to impact lives and make a difference. We have a great relationship with all our stakeholders but more importantly with the community around us. As part of our CSR activities, we have various community development programs based on the following themes:

  1. Livelihood and Skill building Programme

The organisation has identified community around its plants as a key stakeholder. The community engagement is undertaken through a structured process. Post a thorough mapping and needs assessment findings, a community engagement programme is defined and implemented. The projects may relate to either social need such as, women empowerment or economic need such as, income generation and improved farming practices etc.

The programme focuses on generating livelihood and improving the well being of the community around the manufacturing units. The initiatives follow a well defined strategy to ensure that the key needs of the stakeholders are met. Under the banner of Navya-New Beginning, skill building and entrepreneur development training, programmes are designed for women and unemployed youths. They are trained in many vocational skills such as apparel making, jewellery designing, nursing, beautician, housekeeping, soap and detergent making, Khakhra Making, rubber sheet making, mushroom cultivation, apiculture etc. Trained beneficiaries are further linked with the market and service sector for employment.  As an outcome of the training, the women in the project locations have formed their own women cooperative, and some have become entrepreneurs creating successful stories.

  1. Improved Farming Practice:

This project supports the farming community by training them on modern farming techniques and ways to increase agricultural productivity. It also offers services related to livestock care and management. Awareness programmes related to livestock care management practices and breeding camps are also organised under this initiative. As an outcome of this project, women in the neighboring community of the Limda plant have opened a dairy wherein they earn 4500-5000 INR per month from milk sale.