#ROCKTHEROAD with Vredestein

#ROCKTHEROAD with Vredestein

Vredestein celebrates the joy of driving with DJ Hardwell and racing driver Carmen Jordá

September 9, 2015

The sun-drenched island of Ibiza recently played host to the start of a very special partnership. Vredestein announced the collaboration between the tyre brand together with DJ Hardwell, twice voted the world's #1 DJ, and Carmen Jordá, Spanish racing development driver. Together they will take you through the thrill of combining dynamic driving at the beat of DJ Hardwell’s exciting music. The unique track will be inspired to DJ Hardwell by Carmen Jordá’s driving experience and will be based on technical tyre data offered by Vredestein tyres.

In remixing the track, Hardwell made use of the technical data provided by the tyres of the car, as it was driven by Carmen. “With the track I want to translate the data of the tyres of Vredestein into a dynamic beat which supports and emphasises the joy of driving”, according to Hardwell. The fact that Carmen Jordá’s driving skills are made for a sensational sound and image will surprise no one. The mix made by Hardwell and Carmen Jordá will be accompanied by a music video starring both the DJ and the race driver. The track and the video will officially be launched in October. The campaign #ROCKTHEROAD is the biggest online campaign in the history of Vredestein and will support the winter tyre season. With the focus on music and the extensive use of social media Vredestein chooses to adapt their current strategy. “With this campaign we introduce our new Vredestein brand positioning, targeting a younger audience who love their car and enjoy driving” explains Marco Paracciani, CMO Apollo Tyres.

Rock your own
Fans and followers can try their hand at making a mix themselves with a mixer and laptop. All entries will be judged by DJ Hardwell and the five best tracks rewarded with a prize.