Commitment towards biodiversity conservation

Commitment towards biodiversity conservation

Two Butterfly Gardens inaugurated and pond management initiated

December 12, 2014

aking forward its commitment towards biodiversity, leading tyre manufacturer, Apollo Tyres today inaugurated two butterfly gardens within the premises of its two manufacturing facilities in Kerala, in the southern part of the country. Early in the day, the company also initiated pond management, starting with a cleaning drive, in association with the local community, at Peringakulam, in the Thrissur district of Kerala.

The objective of the above initiatives is to enhance and conserve the native biodiversity inside the Apollo Tyres’ premises in Kerala and the surrounding areas. By creating the butterfly gardens and cleaning & management of the pond, creation and restoration micro-habitat in the region will be enabled. This will lead to long-term conservation of biodiversity.

These activities are being carried out under company’s umbrella environment initiative, HabitAt Apollo under which different initiatives aimed at resource conservation and advocacy of eco-friendly consumption are undertaken. Linked to MDG 7 on Enhancing Environmental Sustainability, the programme in particular focuses on energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation and biodiversity enhancement.

Going forward, other biodiversity enhancement projects like Fruit Tree Garden, Snake Repellant plant belt, Compost Pit for green litter, Phytoremediation and Apiculture would also be undertaken by Apollo Tyres, in association with Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences (TIES).